Trent 1000 vs genx

LessorCare enables lessors to swiftly call upon Rolls-Royce maintenance and/or availability services, normally, but not exclusively, when the aircraft is between operators. Technical data and advice is available to lessors whenever they need it and a wide range of asset management services are available which help lessors to reap the maximum return from their engine investments. A key part of LessorCare is the creation of a dedicated aircraft transitions team within Rolls-Royce who use their market and engine knowledge to proactively and reactively assist with the smooth exit of aircraft from one operator and its placement and service entry with its next operator. LessorCare also helps lessors to maximise the terminal asset value of their engine inventory when they decide to finally withdraw them from service.

As predicted a few years back, the A350 will outperform the 777 because it is smaller, lighter, and more versatile. Furthermore, there will be more A350 performance surprises to come. For sure. Thx 777-X (an upgraded old aluminum plane ) won’t do much better than it already did. Although the 777x will do better than the A380 for certain, but it won’t go much farther. The 7771o is dead on arrival. Not many airlines will need those planes. Also remember, that many aircraft purchases are politically driven and the political climate and oil prices change.

Trent 1000 vs genx

trent 1000 vs genx


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