Trenbolone 200t

One thing that you notice about trenbolone is that it is often a golden-brown / rust colour when in oil solution. If the hormone powder is refined to greater than % purity or so, then the colour of trenbolone in solution actually gives a very light golden colour, much like other testosterone products; however, refining the hormone to this level of purity is extremely difficult. This is why there is colour variation from batch to batch with different underground labs; something as small as % purity can affect the colour of the final product.

As mentioned, Tren E has some significant side effects. It can cause insomnia (Trensomnia) and night sweats, as well as anxiety. It reduces cardiovascular ability. If you are the typical weight trainer who does 25 minutes of stationary cardio 3-4 days a week, the impact on your cardio is manageable. However if you are a martial artist, Cross Fitter, or athete in a sport that demands high intensity cardio, I recommend against the use of Tren. It reduces cardiovascular output too greatly, probably due to prostaglandin induced bronchial constriction

Trenbolone 200t

trenbolone 200t


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