Trenbolon jakie przyrosty

Universal Amino 2700 - the formula of amino acids with high anabolic potential. Do not underestimate this because you'll regret it - when your colleague will you surpassed in performance. Do not let yourself be overcome by Amino 2700!

Amino 2700 is a combination of two forms of the amino acids L-form amino acids and peptides derived from species lactalbumins. This combination guarantees the fastest possible absorption of the preparation by the cells of muscle tissue. Amino acids Amino 2700 exhibit strong anabolic effect and are essential to build solid, lean muscle mass. They are the basis for supplementation both during the construction phase as well as in maintaining already developed tissue. Amino 2700 support training to increase muscle strength and optimize the time and quality of post-workout regeneration. With this product, at a fast pace, you will be able to go to training at full strength.

It helps to inhibit catabolic processes related to muscle mass loss and degradation forms of training. Recommended for bodybuilders as a basis for supplementation, endurance athletes as a necessary prevention of muscle loss and convalescents as a product which improves the overall nitrogen balance. The corresponding amino acid profile provides rapid absorption.

Each serving (3 tablets) Amino 2700 as many as 6 grams of amino acids.

Trenbolon jakie przyrosty

trenbolon jakie przyrosty