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Andrea, I’ve had allergies/hay fever since I was 12 years old (I’m 64 year old now). It gets really bad quite often. I’ve also had asthma all my life. I also have diverticulitis. After a routine blood test my fasting blood sugar was 102 my Doctor told me not to worry about it. I worried about diabetes so I stopped eating sugar, sugar substitutes, and carbs in any form. As everyone knows carbs and sugar raise you’re blood sugar level. Sugar causes inflammation which is the thing that keeps the sinuses/lungs inflamed. Now remember, sugar/carbs is in fruits, vegetables and the great majority of foods sold at the super market.
After many weeks of research I started a no sugar/ no carb diet. I ate only meats (chicken, beef, sausage, tuna, eggs, etc). I also substituted EVOO for all the fats/oil that the human body needs. I take a long list of vitamins and minerals to compensate for the lack of vegetable and fruits.
After about 3 weeks all my allergies disappeared, my lung inflammation went away and (most importantly) my diverticulitis completely vanished.
I had no idea that the things I was eating were causing all my problems. I had no idea it would fix my diverticulitis. My gastroenterologist told me to eat plenty of fiber but most fiber foods contain carbs/sugar. That didn’t help me at all, it actually made it worse!!!. Now I take Citrucel for fiber and I’m allergy free….NO MORE nasal sprays twice a day, No MORE inhaler, No MORE abdominal pain.
My allergist had given me an allergy test (skin test and blood test). They gave me a long list of things to avoid (peanuts, Oak trees, etc, etc). So yes, I have allergies but without the “inflammation” the allergies can’t get “a hold” on the mucus membranes (lungs/sinuses/intestines)
I’m not saying that this diet is for everyone but I will NEVER get off this diet as long as I live so I can enjoy life without all the pain, bleeding, sneezing, wheezing!!

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Test propionate kick in time

test propionate kick in time


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