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taliesin… can you please crawl back into whatever welsh hole it is you came from and leave the rest of us who have been trying to have unbiased but open opinionated discussions alone? Honestly everything you have said is contradictory and more importantly entirely welsh biased. Quite a few welsh people i know questioned AWJ starting 2nd and 3rd test and most would have said launchberry or the gray brothers were ahead of him on current form after 6n… and people are allowed to say that someone clearly knows more than them but disagree with their opinion… it’s an opinion … like yours which is always utter sh*t from what i have read on most of the forums. so please grow up stop baiting people into arguments and accept that it was a good tour but there were as always with a lions tour contentious decisions that not all will agree with AND ARE ENTITLED TO THEIR OPINION ON!

Hello again, Nicholas. When the Wallabies had the ABs beat, that was the knock on that was heard around the rugby world, as your excellent analysis shows. As a WB fan I may yet have a bumper sticker printed that says, “Give us Read and we’ll beat you.” No other 8 in world is so influential. As for the new Q coach, Brad was the best ever league to union convert by far. He knows a hell of a lot. We’ll find out how he is as a communicator. And if Roarer Kane once played against him, I glad to see that Kane has recovered from concussion. When BT hit you, you stayed hit.

Test prop strength kick in

test prop strength kick in


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