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The Prop Protector cut the rope cleanly, and all the netting. It didn’t shred the netting but cut through it, dividing it in two, and would prevent your boat being anchored by a long length. When the polytarp was left to drift into the prop, it tended to get caught on the blades and just swirled around, but as soon as a slight amount of tension was applied, it was cut through. However, it wasn’t shredded and sometimes remained on the blades, which would reduce thrust. In practice, a large sheet would possibly apply enough drag to make the cutter work. It couldn’t cut any of the wires, though. The netting and smaller diameter ropes could sometimes be drawn down into the gap between the cutter and the P-bracket but reversing tended to loosen this.

On April 1, 2016, the . Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released its scientific assessment of arsenic in rice .  In this assessment, the FDA set a guidance level of 100 ppb for infant rice cereal, which is consistent with the EFSA standard that went into effect in January 2016. The FDA also advised pregnant women to eat a variety of grains and for infants to be given a variety of fortified infant cereals. It also continued its advice to the general population that rice should be eaten as part of a balanced diet with varied grains. 5

Test prop no results

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