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Institute of Food Technologists organization of Chicago, IL USA has certified br. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed as a Certified Food Scientist. They wrote to Br. Ahmed the following message:

" You have demonstrated your practical knowledge and commitment to lifelong learning. Certified Food Scientists will undoubtedly help raise the visibility and recognition of the food science profession. Your lifetime professional accomplishments and attainment of the CFS will serve as excellent example for your peers and the future generations of food scientists. "

Br. Ahmed has meet their requirements for Certified Food Scientist. Br. Ahmed has many years of work experience in US food industry, he developed 18 new food products for different food companies for supermarkets. His work experience at Kraft Food USA resulted in saving of 6 million dollar per year for the cost of ingredients of Kraft's BBQ Sauces during in 2011.

Propionate rich foods

propionate rich foods


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