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From Coach Stephen Nemeth,
These tryouts will tax you physically and mentally. To ensure that all coaches are seeing you
at your best, I would recommend that you start conditioning before we take the ice.
I will film the tryouts because I cannot see all of you perform all the time. If you have a jersey
with your name and a number it will make it easier for us to identify you. I hope these tryouts
will allow each player to showcase their skills at skating, passing, shooting, puck control, hockey
sense, strength on skates, and battling for the puck.
Goalies will have the opportunity to showcase their angles, movement, depth control,
recoveries, rebound control, and protecting their crease while being screened.
Remember to warm up prior to taking the ice. Stretch well before and after each ice
time. Some suggestions before August 19, 2017, start with some moderate intensity
conditioning. the evening before, carbohydrate load. Night before get a good nights
sleep. During tryouts hydrate early and often.
I look forward to seeing you all and putting together an amazing team for this year.
Coach Nemeth

How often to take tri tren

how often to take tri tren


how often to take tri trenhow often to take tri trenhow often to take tri trenhow often to take tri trenhow often to take tri tren